Ph.D. Supervision

Susmita Das [2024 - ]
Thesis Topic:Leveraging LLMs for Code Generation
co-supervisor: Dr. Debasis Ganguly

Isak Bosman [2024 - ]
Thesis Topic:Leveraging LLMs for Software Development/Testing
main supervisor: Dr. Debasis Ganguly

Satwick Ghanta [2024 - ]
Thesis Topic:Introducing Sustainability into Software Engineering Teams: Sustainability mindsets, practice and culture
main supervisor: Dr. Peggy Gregory

Kelsey Collington [2021 - ongoing]
Thesis Topic:Enhancing Organisational Resilience in Nuclear Industries (Towards Human-in-the-loop AI Intensive Cyberphysical Systems)”
main supervisor: Prof. Dimitrios Pezaros

Wardah Mahmood [2018 - ongoing]
Thesis Title:Software product line engineering and variability management
main supervisor: Prof. Thorsten Berger

Katja Tuma [2016 - 2021]
Thesis Title:Efficiency and Automation in Threat Analysis of Software Systems
main supervisor: Prof. Riccardo Scandariato